To provide our principals with quality service and products that their customers want, at a value that their customers expect, within the required timeline, while offering style, specification adherence, technique and service that reflects a long-term focus.

Company Structure

Marketing, Sourcing and Q. A:

Waheed M. Khan

Technical Consultant:

Abdul Najeeb Khan

Quality Assurance:

General Manager - Q A & Operations – Akhter Khan Zai

QA Marketing Manager – Tariq Kareem

Senior Q A Coordinator – 1

Senior Q A Auditors – 4

Q A Auditors – 2

Q A Reports – 1


Senior Merchandiser – 1

Merchandiser – 1

Textile Designs:

Designer/Print Expert - M. Idrees

Leather Sourcing and Inspections:

Afaq Aslam