Source Selection and Quality Control

Factory Evaluation:
We prefer to work with factories which are evaluated on the basis of their production capabilities and equipment, past performance, operating systems, internal quality systems and social compliance.

Nominations or approvals from customers are primarily entertained in selection of sources.

We can conduct a comprehensive factory audit, on social and technical compliance.

Quality Control:
Working as a backbone of our structure is a team of QA auditors, with the experience of a few thousand inspections, they work in close coordination with the merchandising team. For the purpose of cross audit, the operations of both the audit and merchandising teams remain parallel.

We perform audits on main products as well as accessories and packaging materials being used in that product on AQL standards.

Quality standards specified by principals are strictly followed by QA auditors to ensure that the goods are in conformity of what is required, from the first sampling inline to the final random inspection.

Our responsive merchandising and Q.A. teams provide a comprehensive range of services designed as per your specific requirements or operating systems. Our team’s collective professional experience covers most of the aspects of the production processes, and we are thus able to assist factories and principals with contingencies at any level. Insotex Services offers it’s services as either “Third Party” auditors or as buyer’s representatives.

Insotex Services also provides factories with Quality Assurance consultancy services, whereby our team of auditors are present at the different production stages to ensure that all specifications and quality standards are achieved, so as to ensure that the shipment at the final stage well meets the desired requirements. The quality assurance process starts from the fabric cutting stage till the container is loaded. Our team coordinates with the merchandising and production departments to cover all aspects.