Quality Control Procedures

1. Upon confirmation of an order, we require approved samples, specifications, shade standards, and packaging guidelines before we start our inspection process.
2. All accessories are checked and approved before stitching is initiated.
3. Pre-production samples are inspected on the same basis as a final random inspection.
4. Inline / In-process audits are conducted on a continuous basis during production. All procedures of quality and production are followed as per the instructions of the principals, and coordinated with the factory, in order to avoid any issues at a later stage. Copies of Inline Audit reports are given to the factories, and mailed along with digital images of relevant observations to the principals.
5. One team of two auditors are assigned a specific Purchase Order. Each team performs checks based on AQL standards, which is cross audited randomly by another team of auditors.
6. Every SKU is treated independently so that the issues of one item does not affect the entire order. Reports are also filed on individual SKU basis.
7. Final random Audits are then performed based on pre-assigned AQL levels.
8. In-house we check the GSM, the average product weight, the construction, shades as per Pantone, or as per shades in comparison with the original standards in different light sources, and barcodes are scanned on packaging, basic washing and tumble drying facilities.
9. As per contingent needs, basic lab tests can be conducted at nominal rates from assigned textile laboratories.