Our Customers

We have been providing our sourcing and inspection services to some of the major organizations in the Asian, European, North and South American markets, following is the list of the some of principals with whom we have worked in the past, and the ones that we are operating with currently:

Dan River Inc.
Pakistan and Bangladesh – Home and Institutional Textiles – Bedding – BIABs, Sheet Sets, Hospitality Sheets ( U.S.A. )
Bangladesh - Home Textiles – Towels ( U.K. )
Star Linen and Hospitality Supplies
Institutional – Hospitality Sheets, Towels and Bleached Fabric - ( U.S.A. )
Levinsohn Inc.
Home Textiles – Protective Bedding – Pillow Protectors, Travel Pillow Covers, Futon Covers, Mattress Covers ( U.S.A. )
Lewis International Corporation
Institutional – Towels, Healthcare and Fabric (U.S.A. )
Best Manufacturing
Institutional - Hospitality sheets (U.S.A.)
CDX Unlimited
Home Textiles – Pillow Protectors ( U.S.A. )
Danish Fabrics
Home Textiles, Institutional Textiles and Fabric ( Canada )
Bolan Trading
Institutional – Hospitality Sheets ( U.S.A. / Canada )
Ellery Homestyles / Waverly
Pakistan and Bangladesh - Home Textiles – Bedding and Window ( U.S.A. )
Sunham Home Fashions
Home Textiles – Bedding – Sheet Sets, BIABs, Comforter Sets ( U.S.A. )
Converse Garments
Apparels ( Pakistan )
Gap Pazarlama / Calik Holdings
Home Textiles – Sheet Sets, Comforters ( Turkey / U.S.A. )
Calik Group
Yarn and Greige Fabric ( Turkey )
Gap Pazarlama
Denim Division – Denim and Twill Fabric ( Turkey )
Smart Sourcing
Home Textiles – Bedding ( Turkey )
Lintex Linens
Home Textiles – Bedding, Kitchen and Towels ( U.S.A. )
Agata P C
Home Textiles – Bedding and Towels – Jersey Fitted Sheets, Towel Sets ( Poland )
Linen Trends / Kinzler MK
Home Textiles – Bedding and Towels – Jersey Fitted Sheets, Printed Duvet Sets, Towel Sets ( Malaysia / Germany)
Beacon Linens
Home Textiles – Bedding, Towels and Blankets ( U.S.A. )
Institutional Textiles – Sheetings, Table Linen and Fabric – Triton (Spain)
Vida & Cor
Home Textiles – Bedding – Comforters, Bedspreads, Sheet Sets, Teflon Pillow Covers, Quilts ( Brazil )
BL Marketing
Home Textiles – Bedding ( U.S.A. )
H. W. Schmaenk / Biberna
Home Textiles – Bedding and Towels ( Germany )
Labtech GMBH
Denim Jeans (Germany)

Our responsive merchandising and Q.A. teams provide a comprehensive range of services designed as per your specific requirements or operating systems. Our team’s collective professional experience covers most of the aspects of the production processes, and we are thus able to assist factories and principals with contingencies at any level. Insotex Services offers it’s services as either “Third Party” auditors or as buyer’s representatives.

Insotex Services also provides factories with Quality Assurance consultancy services, whereby our team of auditors are present at the different production stages to ensure that all specifications and quality standards are achieved, so as to ensure that the shipment at the final stage well meets the desired requirements. The quality assurance process starts from the fabric cutting stage till the container is loaded. Our team coordinates with the merchandising and production departments to cover all aspects.

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